Best Careline Identity offers a variety of emergency bracelets, but our focus remains on one trade.
With the phrase “CALL FOR HELP” we aim to have a national footprint.

Our emergency bracelets are user friendly and cannot be confused with non-emergency bracelets.
All products come with standard services that are explained here

Call For Help 

The phrase “CALL FOR HELP” appears on all products which serves as the basic instruction for laymen or pre-hospital providers. You do not need any medical training to understand the meaning of the phrase “CALL FOR HELP”

Star of Life

The ‘Star of Life’ emblem appears on all our products to further emphasize the fact that the product is indeed a medical bracelet. The inclusion of the ‘Star of Life’ makes the product an official medical insignia.

Emergeny Number

Our national emergency number appears on all bracelets together with the client’s unique code for identification purpose. We do not sell bracelets with a specific allergy or medical condition labelled in isolation; one simply cannot supply a paramedic with just an allergy as information in your time of crisis.

Best Careline Identity

Best Careline Identity
Emergency Bracelets