Best Careline Identity was established on 1 May 2014 by South African Advanced Life Support Paramedic, Xander Loubser.

Starting only with two types of bracelets, Best Careline Identity realized the need for more personal choice which led to an expansion of the product range in 2018.

2018 also saw the launch of the members Android Smartphone App which enables members to view and update their personal information. This App also provides members with a ‘Panic Button’ function.

By 2020, Best Careline Identity has also expanded their product range by including a unique NFC bracelet, vehicle seatbelt covers with membership details and identification cards. Best Careline Identity also decided to not collect annual fees effective from 1 March 2020. Instead, our clients now have life-time membership for free. Best Careline Identity is an official sponsor for Mercy-Care Emergency Medical Service, which is a free community service in Pretoria. Best Careline Identity stopped collecting annual membership fees with the aim of inspiring its members to rather donate for the cause of Mercy-Care Emergency Medical Service.

Best Careline Identity won’t allow you to be a ‘John Doe’ in an emergency when you are unable to communicate. Medical professionals will be able to know who you are, who to contact, and what your medical history and conditions are.

Best Careline Identity have a few brand ambassadors and serves as a major sponsor to various Non-Profit Companies, Emergency Services and Old Age Homes to facilitate data management.

Best Careline Identity’s emergency bracelet is part of various schools’ emergency system and is the ‘CALL FOR HELP’ tool for many South Africans. Best Careline Identity’s 24/7 emergency number is manned by an integrating and innovative control centre, EQiGate.

Best Careline Identity

Best Careline Identity
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