Welcome to Best Careline Identity. An identification service owned by Advanced Life Support Paramedic, Xander Loubser. Best Careline Identity is a product of Best Care Ambulance Services, a privately-owned ambulance service who celebrated its 20th year existence in 2020.

Emergency Bracelets

best careline identity

The core purpose for Best Careline Identity is identification in an emergency. In the South African pre-hospital environment, patient identification is particularly very difficult and is becoming more and more important.

With the added benefit of having a 24/7 emergency number on your arm, this bracelet proves to be an effective life-saving strategy which should be implemented in every household.

Best Careline Identity endorses any other form of patient identification, but not in isolation. In fact, the more options and variations utilized, the better your chances are of being identified.

Feel free to go through our products and services and get your emergency bracelet today. 


Emergency Hotline:
0800 029 999
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Best Careline Identity

Best Careline Identity
Emergency Bracelets